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Company Blog #1 - Week 7 Report!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hey guys! This is Ryan, writing not just our first company blog - but my first ever blog in general! I am a millennial - surrounded by technology who grew up VLOGGING (video logging) on YouTube, not blogging! This is new to me, and I kind of like the old-school vibe and aspect of it!

Anyways, to hop into our first blog, it is currently Week 8 of the existence of my company, Precision by Nutrition. From weeks one through seven, all I can say is wow. You guys have been BLOWING me away with support, love, orders, positive feedback about the orders, constructive criticism with the orders, and everything else not mentioned. Seriously - I can not express my gratitude and appreciation enough for you guys.

It has been BUSY! A very frequent question I receive from clients is, "Do you have any time for yourself!?" And to answer that question, yes and no. Sure, it has been hours in the kitchen - late nights and early mornings. Sure, it has been hours and many miles in the car (yesterday I drove two hours to deliver to a client in Wisconsin!) BUT, the labor and operations truly does not feel like work because of how much I love this. Watching my company sign our first client, expand to five clients, 10, 20, 40, 80, and now 100+ has arguably been the most fun, fulfilling, and excitement packed weeks of my life! The hard work WILL pay off! Help and employment is coming very soon - and with more hands/minds on the team comes more opportunity and expansion! My licensing application has been accepted and is simply being processed right now before I become a LEGAL food service company! Right after that is processed (1-2 weeks) I will officially be in my first commercial kitchen! It is a little rental space in the Drake University area - and is VERY nice and will allow SO much more productivity! After we are in the kitchen, I will be hiring our first employee - my brother, Kyle Davis! This will open up much more time for myself, and my company - so I can focus less on operations, and more on big picture stuff! And for Week 7, we didn't just have many orders and meals prepped, but we did a LOT on the business side of things! Like mentioned before, we finally got our license application in! We also added our "Precision Power Bites" to our menu and expanded just from meals, to snacks! These have been a hit so far, everyone is loving them! We also added a whole new ordering option to our menu - "Precision in Bulk"! This will be a GREAT addition, and we already have many messages coming in about interest in this option. And for our last update - in Week 7 we had a family friend who runs a small shirt-printing company print us off our first polos and jackets! These will be available for order soon - and she is also printing off a huge bulk order of our first t-shirt drop in Week 8! Week 7 Report:

Meals Prepped: 480 - Company Record People Helped: 58 - Company Record Precision Power Bites - 115!! First Week Our first PbN in Bulk Order!

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