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Protein Power Choc Chip Cookie (3 Pack)
  • Protein Power Choc Chip Cookie (3 Pack)

    Des Moines' First Protein Infused Cookie Sets Are Here! Available In Three Packs, 6 Packs, Or The Dozen! All Cookies Are Made With Mindful, High Protein, Low Calorie Ingredients, That Can Cure Your Sweet Tooth, Fuel Your Fitness, And Cause You ZERO Guilt (Even Though They Are Mouth Wateringly Delicious...)


    Choose Your Pack! 3,6, or Dozen! (Chocolate Chip Cookie, Confetti Cookie, Or Monster Rainbow Cookie!)


    Macros Per Cookie! 74 Calories, 6g Carb, 3g Fat, 7g Protein! Hard To Believe Right? We Have Our Magic!


    Allergy Info! The Cookies Contain Gluten At The Moment, In The Future We May Make A Gluten Free Cookie! The Donuts Are Already Gluten FREE! Cookies Also Contain Peanuts, Egg, And Dairy.



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