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Meet The PBN Team!


Ryan Davis

Owner and Operator

Ryan started this company himself, and as PBN grew so did the team. Ryan is in charge of planning, producing, distributing, and everything else involved in the smooth-running of a business!

Mark Salinas

Lead Marketing
Chief Of Operations!

Mark Salinas, one of the most determined, out-going people we've met. Mark never stops thinking & is always brainstorming creative ideas to grow the business. Mark is playing an extremely important role in our start-up & we are extremely grateful for him!


Heather Dunkin

Head Prep
& Kitchen Manager

Heather is LITERALLY the hardest worker out there. Every second in the kitchen she is hustling. She's crazy, and crazy in every single good way. Not to mention her pure heart of gold that always brings a cheering vibe!


Kyle Davis

Head Prep Sunday
Assistant Sous-Chef!

Brother of Ryan, and son of Dan & Heather.. Kyle is one of the most caring, out-going, and social people have on staff. Kyle gives the company some pep, some energy, and always some fun. He's young, talented and full of potential.

Lucy Dudley

Sunday Delivery Driver

Even though Lucy joined the team in August '22, Lucy has believed in PBN since the beginning. Although all of us are smiling on deliveries, nobody is going to be happier & have a bigger smile at your doorstep than Lucy. Thank you for all the deliveries you do!

Giovanni Alvarez

Sunday Delivery Driver
First Sponsored Athlete!

GIOOOO! Giovanni, otherwise known as 'Gio' is an Ames local that lives and breathes fitness, healthy living, and more importantly: competitive powerlifting at the world-wide level! Gio is a THREE-TIME World Champion in his respectful powerlifting division. Gio is now using Precision by Nutrition meals to fuel his training & recovery in his fitness journey!

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