Meet The PBN Team!


Ryan Davis

Owner and Operator

Ryan started this company himself, and as PBN grew so did the team. Ryan is in charge of planning, producing, distributing, and everything else involved in the smooth-running of a business!


Dan Davis

Quality Control 
Protein Ball Duties!

Father of Ryan & Kyle, and full time IT employee for PPI, Dad spends his days off either up in Des Moines scooping protein balls or on Highway 5 delivering orders! He would do absolutely anything for his two sons. He is a true super-dad.


Kyle Davis

Head Prep Sunday
Assistant Sous-Chef!

Brother of Ryan, and son of Dan & Heather.. Kyle is one of the most caring, out-going, and social people have on staff. Kyle gives the company some pep, some energy, and always some fun. He's young, talented and full of potential.


Heather Dunkin

Head Prep Monday
Assistant Sous-Chef!

Momma, is LITERALLY the hardest worker out there. Every second in the kitchen she is hustling a bustling. She's crazy, and crazy in every single good way. Not to mention her pure heart of gold that always brings a cheering vibe!


Hunter Ohannessian

Head Prep Saturday
Assistant Sous-Chef!

Absolute best friend of Ryan's, Hunter (or Neesh) is a true hustler. Chances are you'll catch him working 60 hours a week, of QUALITY work. Neesh takes great pride in his work, and would much rather take the extra time to do the job correctly the first time.


Evan Eck

Protein Ball Maniac &
Assistant Sous-Chef!

Evan Eck, the true life saver of PBN. Evan is Kyle's childhood bestfriend & basically grew up as a brother to Ryan & Kyle, and a son to Dan & Heather. Evan's first day working at PBN EVER was actually when Ryan was in the ER with a burnt arm, and he ran Ryan's entire route without any training. His dedication has been nothing short of that since!


Mark Salinas

Lead Marketing &
Assistant Sous-Chef!

Mark Salinas, one of the most determined, out-going people we've met. Mark never stops thinking & is always brainstorming creative ideas to grow the business. Mark is playing an extremely important role in our start-up & we are extremely grateful for him!


Giovanni Alvarez

Precision by Nutrition's
First Sponsored Athlete!

GIOOOO! Giovanni, otherwise known as 'Gio' is an Ames local that lives and breathes fitness, healthy living, and more importantly: competitive powerlifting at the world-wide level! Gio is a THREE-TIME World Champion in his respectful powerlifting division. Gio is now using Precision by Nutrition meals to fuel his training & recovery in his fitness journey!


Regan Roberts

Wild Pepe & On Call Fill-In For All Positions!

Regan Roberts or 'Wild Pepe' has been around for the bros since day one, literally. With a heart of gold and killer sense of humor, Regan never fails to bring a good vibe and sense of relief to the kitchen.