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Food Packaging
3 Pack Free Sample Meal Combo!

3 Pack Free Sample Meal Combo!

So you've heard of us, are interested in us, but just not quite ready to pull the trigger on us yet? Let us give you a taste of what we do! You choose three meals you'd like to try, you choose what protein bite flavor you'd like to try, and we'll meal-prep for you one time for free! In exchange, we'd love it if you followed us on social media or gave us a shoutout or referral! If you love the food, shoot us another order the next week!


These sample plans are  SUNDAY KITCHEN PICKUP only! We offer FREE doorstep delivery for ALL orders, but to help our little team keep up with the high volume - we are setting the free sample plans for pickup only.


Choose which Sunday to pickup, and pickup anytime at your convenience 9-5! Our kitchen is in Downtown Des Moines, in the Drake area. 1139 24th Street Des Moines Iowa. The building is called “Kitchen Spaces” - pull up front, come on in! Ask for Ryan or Precision by Nutrition, or give us a call 641-891-4443! We’ll come right out with your free sample meals! Orders must be in by the Friday before your Sunday at 8PM!


Limited To One Use Per Customer!


We’ll shoot you a text or call a week after you get a chance to try your meals and if you had any feedback or wanted to put in another order!

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