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Our Origins

The Origin - May First, 2021..

Precision by Nutrition originated from the ground up out of Ryan's ISU dorm starting May of 2021.  I believed every person no matter the background they come from, and no matter the future they are building; deserves a convenient, nutrient rich, and flavorful diet!

So I started offering a first-rate meal prepping services and exceptional customer service to clients all around Iowa, and slowly started changing the dietary norm one day at a time!

"I" turned into "We" very quickly as we grew. We are a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and force to constantly update and improve the meal-prepping experience!

Mark Salinas stepped into the movement around October of 2021 and turned a small, informal soloprenuership meal-prep service into a rapidly growing & developing meal-prep business! 

Our meals have become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic foods that fit any goals, and any diet.

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Testimonials & Reviews! 🙌


What can I say about Precision by Nutrition (PBN) that hasn’t already been said by every customer Ryan has acquired since he started this year? Ryan has a real talent for crafting, packaging and portioning fantastic, fresh, flavorful meals that are easy to take to work or enjoy at home. The ingredients don’t contain a mouthful of words or preservatives because this meal is coming to you fresh from Ryan’s kitchen here in Des Moines. Since I’ve discovered PBN, my gas station and drives thrOUGH days are actually gone. I no longer have to eat fast food out of necessity because I know I have a wholesome meal waiting for me at home. The beauty is that it’s waiting for me without ever having to dirty a pan. PBN can’t be beat when it comes to price either. For myself I would regularly spend $2-300 every 2 weeks on groceries. Most of it would be wasted or just be lacking substance like junk food. Did I fail to mention how great the food tastes? I’m one of the pickiest eaters and I refuse to diet for my health if it means my food lacks flavor variety or freshness. Without fail and with an impressive amount of creativity, PBN tailors my meals to my specific tastes. I have yet to let any meals go to waste or persist in my fridge. As a cherry on top a perfectly portioned meal satiates my hungry metabolism and I’ve managed with PBN’s help to steadily and properly lose 5lbs.If you are a single guy without so much as a pot or pan in the kitchen or your the soccer mom who has enough on her plate or your just like me looking to get serious about the food he is eating, PBN is a necessity. I have loved working with Ryan and have referred him to my friends all of which agree the value of a wholesome meal outweigh the modest subscription cost.What are you waiting for?! Get ready to enjoy your food again.

Nick Grasmick


Based out of DSM in Kitchen Spaces!


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