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Looking For The Highest Quality, Most Diverse & Affordable Meal-Prep Service? You're In The Right Place!

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Our Origins

The Origin - May First, 2021..

Precision by Nutrition originated from the ground up out of Ryan's ISU dorm starting May of 2021.  We believed every person no matter the background they come from, and no matter the future they are building; deserves a convenient, nutrient rich, and flavorful diet!

So we started offering a first-rate meal prepping services and exceptional customer service to clients all around Iowa, and slowly started changing the dietary norm one day at a time!

During the craziness of the business start-up, Ryan was also completing his nutritional science degree at Iowa State University, where he started in 2018 and finished in 2023 with a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics & Nutrition where he studied everything nutrition.

Combining an education in nutrition, science, health, and fitness with a vast amount of culinary expertise & experience, we started building menus and meal-prep services that make healthy eating not just easy, but ENJOYABLE, and conveniently delivered to you!

Our meals have become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic foods that fit any goals, and any diet.


Check Us Out! Spend Less Time Cooking, And More Time On YOU!


Our credentials


Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Meal-Prep,

Trust Us With Putting The Right Foods On Your Plate!


In school we studied many topics such as but not limited to;

Functions Of Each Nutrition & Micronutrient In Our Bodies

RDA's & Daily Value Nutrient Intake Recommendations

Food-Service, Restaurant, And Hospitality Management

Nutritional Counseling & Motivational Interviewing

Food Ingredient Functionalities In Certain Recipes

Biology/Chemistry/Anatomy Of The Human Body

Disease, And Managing Disease With Nutrition

Community/Culture/Society Factors Of Nutrition

The Psychology Behind Nutrition & Decisions

Chemical Structure/Breakdown Of Foods

Nutrition's Role In The Medical Field

Outside of University, we also gained much experience in the meal-prep field by completing two bodybuilding contest preparations, requiring six meals prepared per day, with exact macros and amounts of certain food ingredients. We've prepared thousands if not millions of meals prepared from scratch in our lifetime!

Our culinary experience is also stacked with tons of both personal and professional experience. Ryan has been working in the restaurant scene for almost 10 years since he was 14. And Heather, another cook on our team, has been cooking dinners from scratch for her entire family of four for 18+ years! We love cooking good food!

Food Photography



Karla Walsh

Ryan and his team are simply the BEST. From the top-notch customer service (free delivery!) and the ease of ordering to the wide variety and quality of ingredients, lunches are something I look forward to again! I have been a weekly orderer for about 3 months and cannot recommend PBN enough.


Vickie Williams

I've been with PBN since day one.  I've watched PBN grow from a dream to a full-fledge business with a great crew. The food is not only FRESH, but also HEALTHY, CONVENIENT, and actually GOOD!


Jen Herrera

Ordering from PBN has been a great experience. I'm eating more vegetables, not throwing away plastic containers everyday, and the food is delicious! It is clear Ryan really cares about his customers,



I have used PBN several times and it is always absolutely delicious! The ordering process is easy online and delivery is free. I have gone to many, many meal prep companies and this is by far the best tasting that I have found!

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Based out of DSM in Kitchen Spaces!


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