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Looking For The Highest Quality, Most Diverse & Affordable Meal Prep Service? You're In The Right Place. Browse Around Our Website For More Information!

Our Origins

The Origin - May First, 2021..

Precision by Nutrition originated from the ground up out of Ryan's ISU dorm starting May of 2021.  I believed every person no matter the background they come from, and no matter the future they are building; deserves a convenient, nutrient rich, and flavorful diet!

So I started offering a first-rate meal prepping services and exceptional customer service to clients all around Iowa, and slowly started changing the dietary norm one day at a time!

"I" turned into "We" very quickly as we grew. We are a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and force to constantly update and improve the meal-prepping experience!

Mark Salinas stepped into the movement around October of 2021 and turned a small, informal soloprenuership meal-prep service into a rapidly growing & developing meal-prep business! 

Our meals have become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic foods that fit any goals, and any diet.


Check Us Out! Spend Less Time Cooking, And More Time On YOU!




Annie Jacobs

I've ordered from Ryan for several months.  I can not express enough how tasty his meals are, not to mention convenient!


Vickie Williams

I've been with PBN since day one.  The food is not only FRESH, but also HEALTHY, CONVENIENT, and actually GOOD!


Jen Herrera

Ordering from PBN has been a great experience. I'm eating more vegetables, not throwing away plastic containers everyday, and the food is delicious! It is clear Ryan really cares about his customers,

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Based out of DSM in Kitchen Spaces!


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