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Let's Talk Weight Loss!

There’s one fact, backed by science, that trumps all fad diets. A caloric deficit, WILL lead to weight loss!

Calories in, versus calories out! If you are putting more calories into your body, than it is burning and needs for energy - you will inevitably gain weight.

The good news however, is that the opposite is also correct! If you are eating LESS calories than your body is burning and using for energy - you will undoubtedly lose weight!

What counts as calories out!? Every single ounce of activity in your day that requires energy! This may be something as simple as taking the trash out or walking down your stairs to check the mailbox, and can also be something as extreme as performing an intense workout, or going for a swim!

What counts as calories in!? Every single calorie that enters your mouth! This may be something as small as a sip of a drink your friend wants to try or somebody letting you try a bite of their food, and something as large as a real meal for yourself!

So, to keep things simple - if you keep that balance and equilibrium in a state where your output is larger than your input, you WILL lose weight!

Don’t overcomplicate things with fad and magical diets! Enjoy your life, eat the foods you want, and practice portion control

Let me know your guys thoughts and questions, I’d love to discuss more about it this topic in the comments!

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